Custom music cover art or promotional poster

Do you have a band and need a cover for your next release? Ask me to design the album cover or promotional poster. If you want the members to appear in it, just have to send me the photos.

How it works:

1. Make the order and tell me what you want me to draw, include photos and references if necessary. Tell me the details and the text you want me to include.

2. The drawing is done in pencil and hand-inked. Before coloring it I will send it to you so you can see it and ask for changes if you think it's necessary. It takes me about a week, but depending on the opened orders I have. If you are in a hurry, better ask me before make the purchase.

3. When you are satisfied with the result, I will send you the by yourself. Just remember that the intellectual rights are mine under a Safe Creative license.

Instagram: @piqself